in Hamburg
April 26th & 27th 2022 in Hamburg
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UPDATE: d3con 2021 will take place as a physical event under the conditions of the 2Gs

In coordination with the City of Hamburg and our venues we have decided to host d3con 2021 as a physical event under the conditions of the 2Gs.

What does this mean?

All participants of d3con 2021 on November 23rd & 24th need to either be fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19. You must present proof of either complete vaccination protection or recovery from COVID-19 in combination with a valid ID to be granted access to the venue (2G-model).

An additional negative test result for COVID-19 is not required.

Wearing a medical face mask covering your mouth and nose is mandatory except while seating or standing at high tables.

This means you can take your masks off when you are sitting at the stages and while having conversations at high tables.

We are looking forward to finally welcome you at d3con on November 23rd & 24th in Hamburg and celebrate our 10 years anniversary!

For all questions, please reach out to the d3con team directly at info@d3con.de.

Hamburg, October 7th 2021

For participants:

We will place hand sanitiser dispensers in all public areas.
We systematically record all event attendees.
We will inform all attendees about the safety and hygiene measures in place.
We make it possible for attendees to clean their hands regularly and sufficiently.
Avoid shaking hands.
Access tot he event only for vaccinated or recovered persons. Proof must be presented.