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Speaker: Thorsten Meffert

Thorsten Meffert

Thorsten Meffert

DB Cargo

Thorsten Meffert is a trained logistics manager, business administration graduate and MBA. For more than five years Meffert gained operative experience in the German middle class including truck logistics, air and sea freight logistics as well as contract logistics, before his path led to spending three years in the USA and then to DB Schenker. In the USA, Meffert was active as a consultant and at DB Schenker in different leading marketing and sales functions. Before changing to DB Cargo, Meffert was responsible for marketing and corporate communication at DB Schenker in Germany, Switzerland and for its subsidiary companies. Since January 1 st of 2018, Meffert has been responsible for marketing in Dr. Martell Beck’s department of the DB Cargo group, which has just recently risen to fame through the “Wir sind güter” campaign, with the slogan “Güter gehören auf die Schiene” and the TV format “Cargo Montag”.

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