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Speaker: Andreas Lenz

Andreas Lenz

Andreas Lenz

Heise Medien I t3n Magazin

Andreas Lenz is a digital pioneer, brand builder, investor, creative mind and innovation driver. Since 2005, he has been one of the leaders and strategists of t3n magazine, which he co-founded and was CEO of until 2022. In this position, he was responsible for the development and expansion of brand building, sales, marketing, social media and programmatic advertising. He is co-founder of the startup network startup.niedersachsen and the think tank Digitales Hannover. Andreas Lenz is also an expert in #opensource, #decentralization, #WEB3 #startups and #leadership. He is also a strategic future consultant for the Heise Group (c´t, iX, heise online etc.). Heise and t3n magazine together reach almost 10 million users in the important sector of "IT & digitization".

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