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d3con 2013 - Videos and presentations

d3con 2013 - Videos and presentations - ADVERTISER TRACK

Advertiser best practice: Data driven display advertising from an advertiser's view

PDF Download (d3con 2013 Florian Heinemann Advertiser Praxis - 0.2 MB)

Best practice data driven display advertising: Real life success cases

Moderation: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Seitz PDF Download (d3con 2013 Stefan Beckmann Joel Christie Sky - 7.4 MB) PDF Download (d3con 2013 Oliver Busch Realtime Branding - 1.3 MB)

Statistical analysis of customer journeys

PDF Download (d3con 2013 Amit Ghosh Steffen Wagner Customer Journey - 0.5 MB)

Keynote: Logistics and quality: How digital media can achieve competitive advantages

Moderation: Thomas Promny

A Global Perspective on Audience Buying in a Programmatic World

PDF Download (d3con 2013 Mark Grether Global Perspective - 3.7 MB)

Bis shots international: What are the big international agency networks' strategies in Data Driven Display Advertising?

Moderation: Frederike Voss

Beyond Retargeting Case Study: Reichelt Elektronik

Best Practice: User Journey Tracking 2013

Moderation: Ralf Scharnhorst

d3con 2013 - Videos and presentations - PUBLISHER TRACK

Publisher Panel: 2013 thoughts and positions about SSPs and Yield Optimization

Moderation: Ralf Scharnhorst

Quo vadis ad networks and sales houses - what will their business look like in the future?

Moderation: Julia Schössler

Yield optimization 2013 - panel of operational experts of the large OVK sales houses

Moderation: Julia Schössler

Publisherstrategien im Real Time Advertising: Case Study Spilgames & Ebay

PDF Download (d3con 2013 Torben Heimann Improve Digital - 2.3 MB)

Discussion: Are new technologies leading to a cannibalization of premium sales through ad trading?

Moderation: Frederike Voss

Panel: Business perspectives on the display targeting market

Moderation: Sven Bagemihl

Cross channel impact - the world is not a bath tub

PDF Download (d3con 2013 Burkhardt Funk Cross Kanal Werbewirkung - 1.0 MB)

Privacy panel: How can the industry get along with privacy threats now and in the future?

Moderation: Christoph Bauer


d3con 2014 - Interviews

Interview mit Stefan Beckmann (Infectious Media) und Joel Christie (Sky)

"2013 ist das große Jahr im Bereich Mobile" -Interview mit Mario Gebers von ad pepper

Interview mit Dr. Florian Heinemann, Gründer und Geschäftsführer von Project A

Private Ad Exchange - Interview mit Torben Heimann, Managing Director Germany bei Improve Digital

"key differences between the U.S. and the german market" Rajeev Goel, Co-Founder and CEO of PubMatic

"Uns trennen auch keine Welten mehr zu Zalando" - Interview mit Dr. Kai Wawrzinek