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d3con 2021 - Videos and presentations

Advertisers Day 2021 - MAIN STAGE

A different kind of football

Moderation: Inken März

Creativity, campaigns and technology: Reality and visions in the area of Lufthansa Marketing Communication

Moderation: Lothar Krause

Social Media Out of Control

Moderation: Inken März PDF Download (d3con 2021 Social Media Out Of Control - 9.8 MB)

Smart strategies vs Roadblocks within a business: How can we move forward more quickly?

Moderation: Julia Schössler

Quality Boost for Programmatic Advertising

Moderation: Jenny Gruner

How can we get more transparency for our agencies?

Moderation: Raoul Fischer

Agency managing directors panel

Moderation: Jens Jokschat

Marketing organization – What do efficient team structures in innovative startups look like?

Moderation: Inken März

From Classified Ads to Performance Marketing

Moderation: Inken März PDF Download (d3con 2021 Von Kleinanzeigen Zu Performance Marketing - 1.1 MB)

d3con Advertisers Day Award Ceremony

Moderation: Inken März

Advertisers Day 2021 - MASTERCLASSES

Simply Better together: Von der Persona zu care plus

Moderation: Susanne Hohenschuh PDF Download (d3con 2021 Simply Better Together Von Der Persona Zu Care Plus - 1.0 MB)

DOUGLAS Partner Program - The way to the platform and the results in online marketing.

Moderation: Danuta Florczyk

Performance Marketing Pros

Moderation: Danuta Florczyk

d3con Conference 2021 - MAIN STAGE

Creativity as a Source of Competitive Advantage

Moderation: Justin Lebbon

Digital Out-of-home as a campaign strategy leading medium

Moderation: Inken März

Experts' Panel: Programmatic 2021

Moderation: Julia Schössler

Leading Advertisers Strategy

Moderation: Ralf Scharnhorst

Brands and platforms panel

Moderation: Erik Siekmann

Publisher's business model for the '20s

Moderation: Alexander Schott

International Experts' Panel

Moderation: Justin Lebbon

Transparency in programmatic advertising – 4 sides of the same coin

Moderation: Christoph Berg

Programmatic Advertising with the Amazon DSP

Moderation: Inken März

d3con Award Ceremony

Moderation: Inken März

d3con Conference 2021 - STAGE II

The long year Zero

Moderation: Oliver von Wersch

Future focus Brand Safety and Brand Suitability

Moderation: Oliver von Wersch

E-privacy, cookieless browsers and other challenges for business models in digital marketing

Moderation: Ralf Strauss

How technology is changing the publishing landscape

Moderation: Alexander Schott

From linear TV to the digital moving image

Moderation: Kolja Brosche

Supply path optimization instead of all-powerful algorithms?

Live-Podcast with the founder of Outfittery Julia Bösch

Moderation: Erik Siekmann

d3con Conference 2021 - MASTERCLASSES

The winners and the losers among the advertisers

PDF Download (d3con 2021 Die Winner Und Loser Unter Den Advertisern - 4.9 MB)

In-housing for advertisers revisited: A retrospective & forecast

PDF Download (d3con 2021 Inhousing Fuer Advertiser Revisited Eine Retrospektive Ausblick - 2.1 MB)

BurdaForward on the most innovative way to future-proof the use of data to protect user privacy

Why retail media targeting and measurement is so compelling to advertisers and what you need to know to get started

PDF Download (d3con 2021 Why Retail Media Targeting And Measurement Is So Compelling To Advertisers - 2.0 MB)

The world of universal consent: live use cases with OneTrust and HABA Family Group

How to Fight The Grinch's Bots This Holiday Season

Publishing experts fire-side chat

Moderation: Alexander Schott

The straight path to launch in the US

d3con Conference 2021 - MASTERCLASSES II

Psychographic Influencer Targeting: When dynamite and eyeliner make a perfect match.

The Power of Data – a decisive factor for quicker decision making

Lessons from 2021: Continuing to Drive Campaign Performance in 2022

PDF Download (d3con 2021 Was Uns Das Jahr 2021 Gelehrt Hat Die Kampagnen Performance 2022 Weiter - 2.3 MB)

Future-proof Performance Marketing: How RTL approaches data silos in its own marketing and what needs to be considered

The Next Age of Brand Safety

Moderation: Eric Hall

PAYBACK Programmatic

Display advertising market in Germany - quo vadis?

Moderation: Ralf Scharnhorst

IAB Tech Lab – Standards Agenda 2021

PDF Download (d3con 2021 IAB Tech Lab Agenda 2021 - 3.4 MB)