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Speaker: Dr. Florian Heinemann

Dr. Florian Heinemann

Dr. Florian Heinemann

Project A

Florian Heinemann is a founding partner at Berlin-based early stage VC Project A, where he is responsible for marketing, CRM and business intelligence. Prior to his current role, he was a managing director at Rocket Internet (2007-2012). At Rocket, he was instrumental in building Zalando, Global Fashion Group and eDarling/Affinitas. Prior to Rocket, Florian was co-founder/managing director at JustBooks/AbeBooks (1999-2002, exit to Amazon) and a co-founder of the online marketplace Florian has been an investor and business angel in close to 100 startups including Trivago (seed investor), Zalando (founding investor), Home24 (founding investor), CityDeal (founding investor), Audibene (seed investor), Affinitas/eDarling (founding investor), ClassPass (early stage investor), Mimi (seed investor), Bitbond (seed investor) and Movinga (early stage investor). Moreover, he has been a member of several boards, e.g. of Internet Stores and About You. Florian holds a PhD in innovation management and entrepreneurship from the RWTH Aachen and a Master’s degree in business administration from WHU Koblenz. He has been a visiting scholar at the Wharton School and a fellow of the German National Merit Foundation.

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