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Hamburg, Germany
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Speaker: Dr. Florian Heinemann

Dr. Florian Heinemann Dr. Florian Heinemann Project A

Florian Heinemann is a founding partner at Berlin-based venture capital funds Project A Ventures, where he is responsible for the areas of CRM / performance marketing, business intelligence, and communications. Before co-founding Project A, he was managing director of Rocket Internet holding the same areas of responsibility (2007-2012). During his time at Rocket, he was mainly involved in TopTarif, eDarling, and Zalando/Bigfoot. Prior to that, Florian was co-founder and managing director of JustBooks/AbeBooks being in charge of marketing and product (1999-2002, exit to Amazon). Then he was co-heading the online marketing department of Jamba! and the online dating portal iLove (2003-2005, exit to Verisign). In 2006, he was co-founder of the online marketplace Moreover, he is business angel in more than 60 startups, e.g. Movinga, AdScale, Ladenzeile, Netmoms, and Tradoria. Florian holds a doctorate’s degree in innovation management / entrepreneurship from the RWTH Aachen and a master’s degree in business administration from the WHU Koblenz. As a visiting scholar, Flo gave lectures at the Wharton School and during his studies he was a fellow of Deutsche Studienstiftung (German National Academic Foundation).

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