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Programmatic Advertising - the future of digital advertising

d3con is the largest conference tackling the future of digital advertising. Programmatic Advertising is the operating system that enables today's modern digital marketing strategies and unifies management and measurement for all marketing channels. Marketing automation and marketing AI are the trends that will allow us to control the complexities of the new marketing world in the future and open up new opportunities for successful advertisers.

At d3con, you will have the chance to meet leading experts in Programmatic Advertising from all relevant backgrounds: advertisers, agencies, publishers and innovative technology and platform providers.

d3con 2021 will run over two days, with d3con Advertisers Day taking place on November 23rd, offering an agenda exclusively devoted to answering advertisers' questions.

On November 24th, d3con will host an agenda open to advertisers, agencies, publishers, technology and platform providers and all others alike.

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