11th & 12th March 2025 in Hamburg


Is access to all stages included in my ticket?

Yes, all d3con tickets include access to all stages of the event.

Does my ticket include food and drinks?

Yes, your ticket includes all food and beverages at the event.

Do I need to print my ticket or is the digital ticket sufficient for on-site registration?

You don't need to print your ticket, just have your digital ticket ready in the d3con app for on-site registration.

Is it possible to transfer my ticket to another person?

Yes, you can transfer your ticket to another person free of charge at any time.

Can I split a two-day ticket between two people?

No, a two-day ticket is valid for one person on both days and cannot be split.

Location & Travel

Where can I find the hotel recommendations?

Here you will find our hotel recommendations.

Is there a cloakroom and can I leave my luggage there?

Yes, there is a cloakroom and the possibility to leave your jacket and luggage (suitcase, travel bag, etc.) there free of charge.

Is parking available near the event?

There will not be reserved parking for participants of the event. These are the closest parking options:
  • - Alsterterasse parking lot (3 min walk)
  • - CCH parking garage (5 min walk)
  • - Gänsemarkt parking garage, Dammtorwall (5 min walk)

What number can I call for a cab?

Hansa Taxi: +49 40 211211 CarryCab: +49 40 408040

Is there wifi available on site?

Yes, there is free wifi on site for all participants.


Is there an event app?

Yes, there is the d3con app that is accessible to all attendees.
To log in, you will need the ticket ID that is on your d3con ticket.

Are the presentations in German or English?

The program of d3con is mostly in German. Some keynotes, presentations, panels and masterclasses are in English. For the MAIN STAGE and STAGE ll, there is a free German<->English live translation. Audio guides can be picked up at the registration desk.

Do I need to register for the masterclasses?

No, you do not have to register for the Masterclasses.

Live Stream, Recordings, Photos

Will there be a live stream?

No, d3con is an attendance-only event.

Where can I find the event photos?

You can find a selection of event photos in our press section.
If you need a specific photo, email Tessa at info@d3con.de.

Will the presentations of the speeches be uploaded?

Yes, the majority of the presentations and talks will be uploaded to our website afterwards and will be available for download.

Will the event presentations be recorded and how can I access them?

Yes, the majority of the presentations will be recorded and published on our YouTube channel afterwards.

Where can I find the photos of the photo wall?

You can find the photos of the photo wall in the download section of the d3con website.


How can I contact the other participants before and at d3con?

You can chat with all participants of the event via the d3con app.

How can I get an Excel list of my scanned contacts from the d3con app?

The Excel export can be booked for € 800 per device. If you want to book this, please contact Tessa at info@d3con.de.

Where is the best place to arrange my meetings at d3con?

Access only with d3con Gold ticket: The best meeting place for your meetings is the Gold Area (entrance Gold Area). With your d3con Gold Ticket you get access to the Gold Area and you can take one person without a Gold Ticket in at the time to hold your meetings in a quiet atmosphere and with a delicious coffee.

For all other tickets, the best meeting place is our Meeting Area.

How can I schedule meetings at d3con?

Here you can schedule meetings with our partners.

Via the d3con app, you can contact all participants and arrange meetings directly.

How can I network with participants?

With the d3con app, you can scan the QR code on participants' tickets and be directly connected to them via the app.