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Speaker: Florencia Cirio

Florencia Cirio

Florencia Cirio

Schindler Deutschland

Florencia joined Schindler Group in 2014 and developed through different roles in Fulfilment, Communication and Digitalization. With a passion for Smart Urban Mobility and shaping the cities of the future, in 2020 Florencia became the lead of Digital Media Services in Schindler Deutschland. Here, Internet of Things meets the Elevator & Escalator industry with the vision to transform elevators into communication platforms. Schindler is a pioneer in Germany´s DOOH industry by establishing a new digital communication and advertising platform: Schindler Media Network. This platform enables property owners and advertisers to use indoor elevators of residential and office buildings to inform, communicate and entertain passengers. Screens are positioned right next to the Tableau to ensure the highest possible level of attention at Point-of-Wait. Schindler provides building owners an end-to-end solution, including installation and ongoing operation of the network. Content can be easily uploaded and updated via a mobile app, providing a building communication that is independent of time and place and is played out in real time. Advertisers, media agencies and other companies looking to include residential & office buildings in their advertising campaigns, can now book this new category of “In-Lift Advertising” through our exclusive marketing partners.

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