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Hamburg, Germany

Speaker: Philipp Westermeyer

Philipp Westermeyer Philipp Westermeyer OMR

Philipp is founder and CEO of OMR. OMR is a platform for digital marketing. The heart and soul of the company is the OMR Festival, taking place annually in Hamburg—in March of 2018 attendees are expected to exceed 40,000. The festival consists of the Conference with top international speakers, the Expo of over 200 exhibitors, Masterclasses, Side Events, Parties and more.

In addition to the festival, OMR publishes daily articles on the latest happenings in the digital branch on Rockstars Daily. Furthermore, Philip and Team OMR produce the OMR Podcast, which reaches an audience of 15,000 each week, the largest jobs portal in the industry, in-depth reports and other special events.

Marketing maker, catalyst of ideas and entrepreneur, Philipp Westermeyer leads 40 members of staff in an unconventional style, always with the goal of establishing OMR as a relevant brand in the industry. Philipp is not only the talking head and face of OMR, but also an in-demand keynote speaker and sparring partner for various national and international companies and projects.
His informal and honest manner has helped Phillip established the OMR Festival as one of the world’s biggest events for digital marketing, and to consistently attract an audience for his insights on all things marketing and digital. Philip represented the digital marketing scene on the German TV show “Kampf der Startups.”

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