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Speaker: Christoph Bauer

Christoph Bauer

Christoph Bauer


Christoph Bauer is founder and CEO of ePrivacy GmbH and conducts certifications on data protection for digital products and companies and offers privacy related consulting. ePrivacy runs the well known ePrivacyseal in Germany, Switzerland and the EU. Christoph Bauer has over 20 years of experience in the media industry as CFO and COO of well known companies like AOL and wunderloop where he also developed the field of data protection. He has a substantive experience with data privacy seals, e.g. from ULD, EuroPriSe and ePrivacyseal for compliance with the high standards of German and European data privacy. He is accredited auditor at ULD for the data privacy seal (BDSG a.F.) and for ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) and teaches as Professor at the HSBA in Hamburg.

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