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Speaker: Annika-Sophie Butt

Annika-Sophie Butt

Annika-Sophie Butt

PIA Group

As Director Marketing & Communications, Annika-Sophie Butt has been responsible since 2018 for the marketing and communications of the PIA Group, which develops customer experiences across all touchpoints and disciplines with 1100 experts in the areas of Content, Media and Tech & Data. The 33-year-old focuses on collaboration, integrated working and synergies as well as diversity and female leadership. With a background in journalism and cultural studies, the content expert has been at one with the digital world for more than ten years. Previous positions include online journalism, tech start-ups, and the digital agency Cellular, where she was in charge of corporate communications for five years. Since 2020, Annika has been part of the Mission Female network and is the local lead for Hamburg.

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