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Hamburg, Germany

Speaker: Daniel Neuhaus

Daniel Neuhaus Daniel Neuhaus emetriq

Daniel Neuhaus - CEO & Co-founder of emetriq GmbH

Daniel Neuhaus is CEO and co-founder of emetriq GmbH, an emerging telecom company that has set itself the task of building Germany's largest data pool for marketers, agencies and advertisers.
Neuhaus has a long and exemplary career in the digital economy. He worked for seven years as managing director and co-founder of xplosion interactive GmbH prior to the founding of emetriq. Xplosion interactive implements retargeting and data-driven advertising campaigns for e-commerce customers and is today one of emetriq GmbH's brands. At the same time, Neuhaus was also a member of the Board of Directors of Interactive Media CCSP GmbH.
Neuhaus, as general manager, was responsible in the past for online and marketing of the Computer Bild Group at Axel Springer AG. Prior to that, Neuhaus worked as head of eCommerce at, in the management of KPS Interactive Media GmbH & Co. KG, as well as in the marketing and online management of Medienhaus Fränkischer Tag GmbH & Co. KG. Neuhaus began his career at Axel Springer AG in 1998 as a lecturer in the publishing business as well as as a business manager at, in the expansion of which he played a major role.
Neuhaus shares his experiences as a popular speaker at renowned trade fairs and conferences on such topics as Data Science, Big Data and Realtime Advertising, among others.

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