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Speaker: Daniel Neuhaus

Daniel Neuhaus

Daniel Neuhaus


Daniel Neuhouse is CEO & Co-Founder of Telecom subsidiary emetriq. With his first company, xplosion interactive, he invested very early on into the development of data competence and grew the company into one of the leading targeting providers. He took emetriq a step further and created Germany’s largest data pool in the digital advertising industry. emetriq combined data from powerful partners and enabled data exchange between one another. With the goal of establishing cooperation between marketers, advertisers and agencies as the key to a data alternative in Germany, Neuhaus is a champion for data sharing. The data expert is a sought-after speaker and panel participant on topics such as platform economy, data strategies and data-driven advertising. His career began at Axel Springer AG in 1998, where he made significant contributions to the growth in business of Bild.de. He previously held roles such as General Manager in the areas of online and marketing at the Computer Bild group of Axel Springer AG.

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