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Speaker: Franziska von Lewinski

Franziska von Lewinski

Franziska von Lewinski


Franziska von Lewinski is one of the most renowned digital strategists in Germany and is convinced that the digital future is now! The civil engineer (master's degree from the University of East London) started out in the newly forming digital industry 20 years ago. Her drive, then as now: to discover, deploy and to make meaningful use of new technologies. Franziska then took on management positions at various agencies, always with a focus on digital and innovation. Since 2021, she has been CEO of SYZYGY GROUP, the consulting and implementation specialist for digitalization & digital transformation, with clients such as BMW Motorrad and PayPal. SYZYGY GROUP is listed on the stock market, has offices in Germany, London, New York and Warsaw and has more than 550 experts for digital transformation. Franziska is convinced: The digital future is now! With the SYZYGY Group as one of the driving forces. With teams that excel in IT and technology know-how, with innovations, content and creative ideas. So that digital business models benefit everyone, companies, institutions and authorities, consumers and citizens, and thus the economy and society. About such emotions, which well-made digital services can trigger, she also talks in her lectures as well as a podcast host with guests from various industries in "Fascination Unlimited. Your Podcast for real Digital". She works to redesign everyday digital life and to shape a digital culture for it. Which is why she is also a member of the committee for the digital economy at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. And Franziska is certain: our economy, our society needs diversity. Which is why she is committed to the women's quota, to 50:50 gender diversity. And for a colourful society in which people with different cultural roots can participate equally.

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