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Speaker: Corina Kurscheid

Corina Kurscheid

Corina Kurscheid


Corina Kurscheid is Global Marketing Director at Beiersdorf and is responsible for the NIVEA Personal Care Women department. In this role, she leads strategic brand management, end-to-end innovation development, and communications development on a global level. She drives the company's sustainability goals and transformation processes forward and actively promotes diversity. After studying at the University of Westminster, Corina started her career at Saatchi & Saatchi and Scholz & Friends and has continued her successful career at Beiersdorf since 2007. There, she worked in various global, regional and local roles in marketing and business development in Hamburg, Birmingham and Copenhagen. Today, Corina lives in Hamburg with her family and is passionate about her core themes including empathic leadership & collaboration, future orientation and transformation.

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