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Speaker: Tim Wiegels

Tim Wiegels

Tim Wiegels

Data Leader, Strategist, Principal & Inspirational Speaker On Demand

Dr. Tim Wiegels is a seasoned leader, inspirational speaker, and a go-to expert in all things data. With a foundation in science and broad expertise across sectors like Mobility, Delivery, HealthTech, Gaming, Video Streaming, social media, and the tech and internet industries, he's been unlocking value since early 2023 as a freelance consultant. His approach is laser-focused on meeting business needs and solving real-world use cases for a variety of startups and companies. From 2018 to 2023, Tim served as Vice President of DATA at FREE NOW (formerly mytaxi), where he spearheaded departments like Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Data Science, and Data Governance and Experimentation. In this role, Tim wasn't just a manager; he was a change-maker who formulated and executed a data-driven strategy that transformed the company culture. Before that gig, he was the Director of Data and Marketing at HitFox Group (now IONIQ) and their subsidiary, Heartbeat Labs. His career also includes roles like Data Scientist, Product Owner, and Team Lead for Business Intelligence, Controlling, Tracking, and Reporting at companies like Goodgame Studios and XING. Tim earned his Ph.D. in Bioinformatics / Data Science from the University of Hamburg and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), making him a double threat in both academia and industry

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