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Speaker: Katharina Roehrig

Katharina Roehrig

Katharina Roehrig


Katharina Roehrig has a strong track record in leading individuals, teams and organization to performance and through change. She provides a new strategic outlook and builds toward transformative outcomes that change the business/people dynamic. She effortlessly closes the vision, strategy and execution gap while strengthening employee engagement and providing purpose and inspiration. As a global branding, communications and marketing executive, Katharina has intuition for the needs and opportunities of businesses and people. She thrives in both the premium and mass market segments. Her work has appeared in Wella, Mulliez Group, Bulthaup, Roeckl and Melitta. In her most recent roleat the Melitta Group, Katharina enabled the holistic transformation of a leading medium-sized company. Her work portfolio integrates communication, culture change, branding, sustainability, strategy, innovation and digitization. She has a Master of Science in Politics, Economics & Law from the University of Heidelberg.

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