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Speaker: Dino Bongartz

Dino Bongartz

Dino Bongartz


Dino Bongartz, CEO of The ADEX and Chair of the Programmatic Trading Committee at IAB Europe, studied economics at the University of Marburg. During his studies, he founded mediasquares in 2001 and established the company as one of the top 5 German online marketers over the next four years. Among mediasquares' clients were publishers and advertisers such as Axel Springer, Coca-Cola, NBA.com, Vodafone and sport1.de. In 2005, Dino sold mediasquares GmbH to the listed marketer Adpepper, where he continued to lead mediasquares as Managing Director until 2007 and helped Adpepper AG set up mediasquares subsidiaries worldwide. In 2008, Dino launched Jogo Media, an international player for in-game advertising. He was an investor in tech companies such as smartclip and Kush TV and has been involved in digital marketing and technology ever since. Dino is currently CEO of The ADEX GmbH, the leading European provider of data management technologies, which he founded. The ADEX has been part of the ProSiebenSat.1 adtech stack of the virtual minds group since 2017.

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