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Speaker: Marc Weindinger

Marc Weindinger

Marc Weindinger


Marc Weindinger is founder and CEO of the leading performance marketing agency SCHEMA M and co-founder of the SaaS tracking startup Tracify. SCHEMA M was able to grow from 3 to 43 employees within 1.5 years and manages 9-digit amounts of advertising budget per year. Clients such as SNOCKS, Blackroll, waterdrop or Rosental trust Weindinger and his 43-person team in Meta and TikTok in the area of advertising. Especially in the area of UGC, he is a pioneer and was the first in Germany to professionalise this content form, thus leaving a lasting mark on the paid social marketing world. Marc Weindinger shares insights from the production and testing of over 1800 creatives per month. With Tracify, Marc and a smart founding team have developed software that has revolutionised tracking since iOS 14.5. The SaaS startup from Munich can provide tracking of the entire customer journey, DSGVO-compliant. Thus, the tool enables an absolutely efficient allocation of the advertising budget in multichannel marketing. Marc is therefore an absolute expert in the topics of paid social, e-commerce, data-driven marketing and tracking.

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