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Speaker: Nadine Kamski

Nadine Kamski

Nadine Kamski


As Media Director of L'Oréal Germany Austria Switzerland, Nadine KAMSKI is responsible for the strategic management of the cosmetics company's overall online and offline media budget. This includes classic media such as TV and print as well as digital media including e-commerce media. Nadine Kamski leads the CDMO in-house media team. Since 2020, Nadine Kamski has already been responsible for the digital media strategy as Head of Precision Marketing at L'Oréal Austria Germany, led the in-house media team for Programmatic Advertising and Paid Social and managed the external agency partners for Paid Search and Amazon Advertising. Her scope of work also included projects such as eCommerce Media, 1P Data Media Activation and the New Paid Social Platforms strategy, for example on TikTok, Pinterest and Twitch. Nadine Kamski has many years of experience in media and online marketing. After working in media consulting and planning as well as in performance marketing at 'Mediacom' and ,metapeople', she joined L'Oréal in Düsseldorf in 2018.

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