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Speaker: Christina Volk

Christina Volk

Christina Volk


In her role as Head of Cloud Core Marketing at SAP Germany, her team and she are responsible for the strategic planning and implementation of the customer journey for the ERP and finance portfolio. The focus is on holistic, innovative and creative approaches as well as an optimal customer experience through data-driven marketing. For this, her team and herself received the prestigious EDDI Dialog Award in the B2B Marketing category in 2022. She started at SAP in 2015 as a working student during her master studies. After graduating with a Master of Arts in International Marketing Management in 2016, she held various positions in marketing at SAP - always driven by her passion for innovative marketing, customer focus and people. In addition to Marketing Excellence Awards, she was named 2019 #1 B2B Marketer 30 Under 30 and was recognized as one of the most influential executive leaders on social media on cloud 2022.

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