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Speaker: Henning Tillmann

Henning Tillmann

Henning Tillmann


Henning Tillmann is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Snaque GmbH. The company offers a software for publishers to monetize more readers with a new ad format. The so called Snaque Playwall allows users to unlock articles behind paywalls through interaction with brand content. He is responsible for product development and the strategic orientation of the company. Prior to Snaque, the computer scientist was a freelance software developer for web applications and smartphone apps. Besides his job, Henning has been active in volunteer work for many years. He is currently a member of the advisory board for the German government's digital strategy, has been an expert for the German Bundestag and was co-chairman of the think tank D64 - Zentrum für digitale Fortschritt e.V. (Centre for Digital Progress).

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