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Speaker: Rui de Freitas

Rui de Freitas

Rui de Freitas


Rui de Freitas co-founded C Wire in 2020 to address the inefficiencies of digital advertising with a future-proof solution. C Wire’s contextual targeting technology increases reach and makes all users addressable for advertisers, and allows publishers to monetise their entire audience. Rui is passionate about ensuring quality journalism is as accessible as possible and creating solutions that allow publishers to capture maximum value from their audience. Throughout his career in adtech and media, at companies such as Tamedia (today TX Group) and Ringier but also at startups such as Housetrip and Sentifi, Rui has always focused on developing solutions that result in sustainable and scalable solutions for all advertising market participants. He has also been involved in many Swiss and international associations to tackle major challenges happening in the digital advertising space. Rui holds a B.Sc from the School of Management of Fribourg with a specialization in Digital during his time in Oxford.

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