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Speaker: Niklas Mrutzek

Niklas Mrutzek

Niklas Mrutzek


Niklas Maximilian Mrutzek is the founder of ERASON and the brain behind AIlon, a market research and media activation AI. Niklas has deep experience in Machine Learning and Big Data, but also in the field of strategy consulting. Niklas Maximilian Mrutzek graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration and Economics from Leuphana University and Quantitative Methods & IT from Business School of Economics in Warsaw, before graduating in Management & Data Science at Leuphana University. N.M. Mrutzek has been working in Real Estate, as well as Investment Banking and Strategy Consulting. N.M. Mrutzek has been the Head of Smart in a Hamburg-based Strategy Consulting company before founding ERASON. Niklas Maximilian Mrutzek lives between the worlds of Business and AI.

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