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Speaker: Grego Martínez

Grego Martínez

Grego Martínez


Grego Martínez, VP of Product at Seedtag, has a varied and versatile professional background. After finishing Telecommunications Engineering Degree at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, he started his professional career in a network and communication systems consultancy. During this period he worked in different geographical areas both in Spain and abroad helping companies to professionalize their communication and networking systems. 4 years ago he made a career change and joined Seedtag as Product owner oriented to the supply side of the company, a position from which he supported teams in more than 6 countries. After two years in this position and with the knowledge gained in the industry, he became Product Manager first and then promoted to VP of Product to try to take contextual advertising to the next level by innovating and refining the product hand in hand with the product and development teams.

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