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Speaker: Stephan Wittekind

Stephan Wittekind

Stephan Wittekind


Currently, I am holding the position of Managing Director and shareholder of LightnTec GmbH, responsible for sales and marketing. Before that I worked as Director Business Development for Traxon Technologies (an OSRAM company) in Hong Kong and Europe. In my 14 years at OSRAM, I have held various positions in different regions - such as business line manager, product strategy, specification for international projects and business development. I started my career in the LED industry in the year 2001 as General Manager of Optiled Lighting GmbH in Frankfurt, the EU headquarters of the Hong Kong parent company. Before that, I was Managing Director of my own live communication agency for 12 years and acted as "creative head". I designed many trade fair presentations for the automotive industry with innovative concepts and creative media worlds. Thanks to my ability to think creatively, innovatively and with foresight, I have been able to implement many go-to-market strategies.

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