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Speaker: Julia Kühne

Julia Kühne

Julia Kühne

Axel Springer

As Head of Privacy Products, Julia is responsible for Data Privacy of Axel Springer's national news media brands (e.g. BILD and WELT) on the product and technology side. She transfers legal and market driven Privacy requirements into the digital products and leads the consent management to ensure privacy compliance and the digital advertising. She works on future models for digital advertising and media products in respect to the various challenges around data and privacy e.g. GDPR, ePrivacy, Ads and Tracking Transparency, 1st party data strategies, adressability and a cookieless future. Beyond that, she develops Privacy and Legal Tech products. Julia is part of several national and international associations and working groups dealing with the exciting challenges of a privacy friendly advertising ecosystem. Before joining Axel Springer in 2015, she worked at PayPal, eBay, Bayer AG and on the agency side.

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