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Speaker: Bianca Nagel

Bianca Nagel

Bianca Nagel

Apollo Optik

Bianca Nagel has been working at Apollo-Optik GmbH & Co. KG since January 2020. Since the company's online marketing team as the Head of Onsite & Performance Marketing. In her role, she is responsible for implementing the omnichannel strategy, scaling and strategically aligning digital marketing channels, content marketing, tracking, UX & UI design, as well as CRO optimization. Before joining Apollo-Optik, Bianca Nagel worked at exito GmbH & Co. KG, a leading agency for the planning, implementation, and analysis of innovative online marketing campaigns with a performance or branding focus. In this role, she managed large clients from the insurance, sporting goods and furniture industries, as well as other mostly medium-sized online shops in the area of account management and strategic online marketing consulting.

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