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Speaker: Joshua Kreitzer

Joshua Kreitzer

Joshua Kreitzer

Channel Bakers

Joshua Kreitzer is the Founder and CEO of Channel Bakers, an international Retail Media and eCommerce agency. He built the company from the ground up because of his deep understanding of Amazon’s potential for brand growth. Josh’s twenty-five year career includes advertising and vendor management at a large consumer electronics internet retailer, as well as being “the internet guy” at brands like GoPro and Corsair. His boundless enthusiasm, spirit of professional adventure, and proven track record is what he’s most well-known for. Under his leadership, Channel Bakers has rapidly grown to more than 200 team members globally, with billions in ad-attributed sales to their credit. Beyond the numbers, Josh has also prioritized giving back to the community; particularly through Channel Bakers' work with “Together We Rise”, a foundation dedicated to helping children in foster care. Josh’s career of entrepreneurship and philanthropy has catapulted him to the forefront of eCommerce thought leadership, and earned him numerous awards and recognitions, including Internet Marketer of the Year 2020, a Congressional Honor in California, and Silver for the Entrepreneur of the Year Stevie Award.

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