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Speaker: Frederike Voss

Frederike Voss

Frederike Voss


From March 2015 on, Frederike Voss will start her own AdTech business as CEO and Entrepreneur. Until recently, she was Country Manager Central Europe at AppNexus. In this role she was responsible for the overall development and expansion of AppNexus' AdTech business in Germany and Central Europe. Before joining AppNexus, Frederike Voss worked for DMP and DSP provider AudienceScience. She headed all European commercial operations from the Hamburg subsidiary and conducted strategic consultation for marketers, advertisers and agencies. Previously Frederike Voss worked in executive positions in the online marketing of Microsoft Advertising, Yahoo! and AOL. Before her career in the online marketing industry, she worked at Hugo Boss in New York City. Born in Hamburg, Frederike Voss studied International Management in Germany and the United States, she holds an MBA.

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