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Speaker: Harald R. Fortmann

Harald R. Fortmann

Harald R. Fortmann


Fortmann is considered one of the best networked managers in the industry and has received several awards as entrepreneur and lecturer. He founded his first company at the age of 23 and looks back on international experience as a startup founder as well as on stations as managing director of some well-known digital companies such as AOL and Pixelpark.

Since 2013, Harald has dedicated himself to the Executive Search industry and was able to merge his passion for people and digital. At five14 he is in particular responsible for advising corporations and market-leading medium-sized companies on the appointment of new Executives and supports them in the strategic planning and implementation of their digitization.

Since 2003 Harald has been involved with the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V. – the German Association for the Digital Economy - and belonged to the executive board for 10 years. Today, he acts as Ambassador New Work and is involved in politics, business and education for the needs of the digital industry and the establishment of New Work principles. Harald has been involved in the establishment of digital training and further education programs at numerous educational institutions and developed multiple curricula. For many years, as a lecturer in online marketing at various universities, he gladly passed on his knowledge and was, among other things. honored at the DDA as the Lecturer of the decade.

In addition, he is the publisher of the book „Arbeitswelt der Zukunft“ (Future of Work) published by Gabler Verlag and will publish a photo book with interviews on the subject of „Female Leadership“ in collaboration with star photographer Frank Wartenberg in 2019.

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