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Speaker: Matthias Ehrlich

Matthias Ehrlich

Matthias Ehrlich


Matthias Ehrlich is CEO of the investment and consulting company ehrlich {honest}//strategies, of Munich. He works with and for cutting edge companies of the digital world, such as Exaring AG, which wants to bring mass solutions for video, from TV to VR to the market with its own fiber optic network. This MBE (Master of Business and Engineering) as been involved in the development of 20 companies, has held senior positions with players such as Silicon Graphics and WEB.DE AG, where he was the first media marketing executive to launch the first target marketing onto the market in 2004, and most recently, the CEO of 1 & 1 Internet AG and CEO Of United Internet Media AG. He worked for 8 years on the Executive Committee of the BVDW for the digital economy in Germany. Exaring and its platform waipu he sees as an integrating breakthrough for previously pure digital USPs - now also for TV, Web video, VR & Co.

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