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Speaker: Frank Bachér

Frank Bachér

Frank Bachér


Since November 2016 Frank Bachér has been in charge of the digital business area at RMS. His main responsibilities include the ongoing development and strategic expansion of the adserver-based advertising business for audio services. He also contributes his expertise to industry working groups, for example the BVDW audio focus group.

The established expert in digital advertising can look back on almost 20 years of experience within the industry. Most recently Bachér worked for Rubicon Project, the provider of a real-time trading platform for digital advertising, as Managin Director Northern Europe. A native of Munich, he began his career with Axel Springer in the mid-nineties. Following that he spent a number of years at TOMORROW FOCUS AG – most recently as Director Marketing. Further positions were Chairman of the Management Board at eBay Advertising Group GmbH, Director Marketing & Sales at the Telekom subsidiary InteractiveMedia, and most recently as Vice-President Online and Central Europe with Sabre Travel Network, provider of a travel booking platform.

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