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Hamburg, Germany
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April 10th & 11th, 2018

Speaker: Joachim Schneidmadl

Joachim Schneidmadl Joachim Schneidmadl virtual minds

Joachim Schneidmadl, 46, is board member of the Freiburg-based technology specialist virtual minds AG, and is responsible for the group product strategy in the Media Technology Division, in particular the development of integrated programmatic advertising solutions with the subsidiaries ADITION, yieldlab, Active Agent and ADEX. In addition, he is responsible as board member for the business of the Demand Side Platform (DSP) Active Agent AG and the Sell Side Platform (SSP) Yieldlab.
Before moving to virtual minds, Schneidmadl was CEO of IntelliShop AG and made the software company one of the leading providers of e-commerce solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Prior to that he was responsible for the technology of the marketing business in the position of Head of Media Management at United Internet Media AG, and materially responsible for promoting the development of TGP to become the leading Predictive Targeting System.

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