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Speaker: Gregor Fellner

Gregor Fellner

Gregor Fellner


Gregor Fellner has been heading the Partner Management at RMS since October 2015. In his role he is responsible for the digital transformation of radio partners and the growth of online audio inventory. Fellner has a bird’s eye view on the massive transformation occurring as advertising shifts to mobile and online platforms. As a data-driven professional and digital marketing veteran, who has been working in the ever-evolving digital marketing space for meanwhile 15 years, Gregor Fellner has created value for clients using new technologies like Video, Audio, Mobile, Programmatic and Contextual display advertising. In his previous tenure at Millennial Media, Fellner, as Country Manager D.A.CH., was responsible for the strategic development of marketing solutions for mobile devices in the German-speaking countries and helped to build a strong presence in Germany before Millennial Media was sold to AOL. In the field of contextual targeting, especially in mobile, he is a capacity: Fellner concentrated his whole career around solutions to server relevant advertising. During his 6 years at Vibrant Media Fellner established contextual advertising as a standard solution (InText video etc.) in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Previous to that he worked at Lycos Europe leading the partnerships with Google and AdLink and was involved in the European roll-out of the Google AdSense for content programm. At Map24, today´s Nokia Maps, he started local, contextual advertisement on maps. He gained his first accomplishments and experiences in mobile advertising at ConVISUAL AG and at Alcatel-Lucent. Gregor Fellner proves to be a key figure within the mobile market by holding the position of Vice President of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and being former deputy chairman at the focus group Mobile at Bundesverband der Digitalen Wirtschaft (BVDW).

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