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Speaker: Sang Tanzer

Sang Tanzer

Sang Tanzer


Sang Tanzer is Director Advertising & PR at Lensspirit, He is responsible for all European Businesses with new customers. That includes the development of integrated marketing disciplines, technologies and cooperations. One central target is positioning the strategic direction between brand and performance. Before Lensspirit he was responsible for media planning and display strategy at Unister. Mainly for ab-in-den-urlaub.de, Travel24.com, Preisvergleich.de, fluege.de and partnersuche.de. In 2002 he found the first mobile advertising system Samispot for car rentals, which he sold out to japanese company in 2006. In 1999 he starts his online media and marketing career at WAZ Media Group (Today Funke Media Group) as media consultant. Among other duties of sales one focus was developing media finance strategies for first online portal cityweb (recently called derwesten.de).

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