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Hamburg, Germany

Speaker: Jörn Grunert

Jörn Grunert Jörn Grunert Exactag

Jörn Grunert is the Managing Director at EXACTAG. He has been working in the online marketing industry since the very start and knows exactly which digital solutions the market requires. As an acknowledged expert for digital advertising and marketing technologies, he was a board member for Falk eSolutions (now Google) where he was responsible for management solutions for publishers and advertisers. Jörn Grunert was then CEO at United Mail Solutions (UMS) a leading service provider for e-mail marketing solutions. After the takeover of UMS by Experian, he oversaw the Marketing Services division as Managing Director. Today Jörn Grunert determines the strategic direction of EXACTAG, the market leading technology solutions provider focused on marketing attribution. They are experts for ad technology, offering tried and tested solutions for the implementation, steering, and measurement of advertising activities for e-commerce companies and agencies across all online marketing channels.

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