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Speaker: Arne Wolter

Arne Wolter

Arne Wolter


Since autumn 2015, Arne Wolter has been Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at Gruner + Jahr, leading the continued expansion of digital business, as well as G+J’s digital transformation.

Born in 1974, he studied industrial engineering before gaining an MBA from the University of Rhode Island, USA.

After initial positions at G+J, he moved to arvato mobile and built up their B2B business before being promoted to Vice President B2B/B2C and member of the management board. In 2007, he returned to G+J.
As CDO of Gruner+Jahr, Arne Wolter is responsible for all digital branding activities for STERN, GALA, BRIGITTE and CHEFKOCH and digital marketing activities for Ligatus and Applike, as well as the G+J Greenhouse (Innovation Lab), G+J Digital Ventures and the publishing house’s M&A and New Business activities.

Auf früheren d3cons in folgenden Tracks vertreten:

  • 2018 STAGE II: Consolidating the marketing landscape in Germany

  • 2013 STAGE II: Publisher Panel: 2013 thoughts and positions about SSPs and Yield Optimization

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