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Hamburg, Germany

Speaker: Dirk Freytag

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Dirk Freytag (born 1970) studied business administration at the University of Osnabrueck. After two years at Bull, he started working as a media spokesman at ADTECH, where he became CEO in 2003 and stayed until mid of 2011. 2007 ADTECH was sold to AOL, in 2008 Dirk Freytag moved to New York for three and a half years. He became SVP at AOL and was global responsible for the AOL advertising product and technology. At the same time, he invested in different companies, like nugg.ad, mbr and Hitfox. Right now he is in Berlin as a Business Angel and invests in companies like MediaMath, Palantier, Hitfox, Zeotap, remerge, ongage and others.

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