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Speaker: Danuta Florczyk

Danuta Florczyk

Danuta Florczyk


Danuta Florczyck is founder and Managing Director of tectumedia. The Berlin agency focuses on consultation and implementation of online marketing initiatives. Danuta Florczyck specialises in display marketing and is an expert in customising the configuration of adtech systems for her clients. More than ten years of professional expertise and leading positions in international corporations make her a sought-after speaker and panel participant. Before founding tectumedia, Danuta Florczyck held leadership roles in various prestigious companies. After five years at Yahoo!, she established Zalando’s international display store among other things, before finally becoming Director of Display Marketing and Cooperation at Project-A-Ventures.

REFERENCES Talk and panel participation: ▪ March 2016, d3con

User Journey Challenge

▪ February 2014, Online Marketing Rockstars, Best Online Marketing Tools

▪ October 2013, AdMonsters AdOps, Attribution in Performance Marketing


▪ Adzine, Interpretation of tracking data as a basis of every optimisation

▪ ONEtoONE, Otto-Group introduces expertise from Project-A to the corporation

▪ Book: 2013, Timo Hagenow, 100 Experten Online Marketing

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