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Speaker: Martina Zadina

Martina Zadina

Martina Zadina

KURIER Digital

Martina Zadina works since 1998 in the digital sector. In the late nineties she established the online advertising domain of the Austrian Internet provider netway ag. 2001 her department was outsourced and she took over the lead of the adworx internetservice GmbH (one of the most important online marketers of Austria) which she held until the disposal of the company in 2015. Since 2012 she’s the president of IAB-Austria, the association of the Austrian digital advertising scene (www.iab-austria.at). Right now, Martina Zadina is Sales Director at KURIER Digital (KURIER Medienhaus) and responsible for the KURIER Digital network marketing (kurier.at, futurezone.at, film.at, events.at). Bevor 1998 Martina Zadina worked for IKEA in several positions in Bulgaria and Poland.

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