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April 26th & 27th 2022 in Hamburg
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Speaker: Richy Ugwu

Richy Ugwu

Richy Ugwu

RETAIL Media Group

Richy Ugwu is a digital entrepreneur with more than eight years of experience in the digital economy. Besides a vast wealth of expertise in Digital Marketing, he is deeply interested in innovative ideas and disruptive business models. Richy is the founder of ad tech startup roq.ad and has advised renowned corporates such as Coca-Cola or Volkswagen in matters of their digital strategies. Richy is CEO of the Retail Media Group (RMG), a subsidiary of METRO AG (in future: CECONOMY AG). RMG is an expert for Smart Data Marketing and AdTech and enables advertisers to target desired customer segments individually and without scatter losses based on retail and consumer insights. Prior to RMG, Ugwu was Head of Digital Innovation at METRO GROUP.

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