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Speaker: Sarah Kurzrock

Sarah Kurzrock

Sarah Kurzrock


Since November 2016 Sarah Kurzrock works as a Partner Manager at the orbyd GmbH in Hamburg and supports publisher and saleshouses within their implementation of a Programmatic Advertising Strategies. The Publisher Trading Desk is a full-service provider of Real Time Advertising services and products for publishers and saleshouses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Before joining orbyd, Sarah Kurzrock gained her first experiences in the digital media sector as an intern in the ad tech company Unruly. Previously she worked as a sales associate for different luxury fashion brands, like Club Monaco.
Ahead of starting her career in the online marketing industry, Sarah studied Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies at the Cardiff University in Wales and did an exchange semester abroad in Rotterdam. In July 2016 she graduated and holds now a Bachelor of Arts.

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