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Speaker: Mario Szirniks

Mario Szirniks

Mario Szirniks


Mario Szirniks is one of the managing directors and founder of Exactag. Since 2001, he is getting in on Performance Marketing as the managing director of the affiliate partner network AdButler and as directorate of Geizkragen.de AG. Furthermore, he gained valuable experience in plenty of other online-business related projects in the subsequent years. Always being one step ahead of current market development, Mario Szirniks is well informed about all the refinements Online Marketing has to offer: Above all, he understands that making a decision must not only rely on a “gut instinct”, but rather on structured and well calculated data, which enables the person in charge to filter out the really important customer information across all channels.
The marketing technology company Exactag assesses all on- and offline channels and evaluates their influence during the customer journey. The effectiveness of all factors impacting a customer’s decision process is being taken into account. Exactag is the innovative leader in Marketing Attribution and used among a multitude of companies.

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