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Speaker: Florian Türk

Florian Türk

Florian Türk


Florian Türk is an expert in Programmatic Advertising. He brings with him many years of experience in the online industry and is concerned with current trends in RTB, RTA, moving picture marketing and programmatic advertising. In the No.1 Video Advertising Marketplace Teads, he is responsible for the programmatic business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as Director Programmatic DACH (Germany -D, Austria -A, Switzerland -CH). His focus is not only on the demand side, but also on the needs of premium publishers. He has a deep understanding of DSPs, trading desk solutions, online marketplaces, SSPs, private marketplaces, and Ad Verification Services. The political scientist graduate came from AppNexus, where he played an important role in the success of the company as Account Director DACH in the German-speaking zone.

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