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Hamburg, Germany

Speaker: Sabrina Büchel

Sabrina Büchel Sabrina Büchel BurdaForward Advertising

Sabrina Büchel is the Director Programmatic & Agency Management and Board Member of the BurdaForward Advertising, responsible for IO, Programmatic Sales, Ad Management and Ad Trafficing.
Born in 1979, Sabrina Büchel studied Business Administration at the University of Cologne, majoring in Media Management and Business Informatics. She has thirteen years of online marketing experience. After starting her career with OnVista and ligatus, she joined TOMORROW FOCUS in 2009 as Head of Sales West and took over all regional sales teams as Director Sales in 2013. In 2016 she became a member of the management board, merging the responsibility for sales as well as all ad management and traffic teams - an ideal combination to successfully push and integrate programmatic advertising within the company. Due to her work more than 40% of revenues are today sold programmatically.

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