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April 26th & 27th 2022 in Hamburg
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Speaker: Molly Schweickert

Molly Schweickert

Molly Schweickert

Cambridge Analytica

Molly leads Cambridge Analytica's digital advertising agency. She oversees the development of the company's digital marketing services and strategy, leveraging proprietary behavioral science and psychographic data to serve clients across the political, non-profit, and commercial spheres. Her team recently handled digital marketing infrastructure, strategy, and execution for the Trump presidential campaign. Molly came to CA from the Scott Walker presidential campaign, where she served as digital marketing director; she previously worked at Targeted Victory, managing the growth of the company's ad tech infrastructure, in addition to overseeing the advertising strategy and execution for hundreds of clients including the Romney presidential campaign. She combines her marketing experience with a background in grassroots organization, fundraising, and communications for multiple high-profile campaigns and organizations across the country.

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