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Speaker: Burkhardt Funk

Burkhardt Funk

Burkhardt Funk

Leuphana Universität Lüneburg

Since 2003, Burkhardt Funk is a full professor of information systems research at Leuphana University. His research interest encompass statistical model building for user behavior in various application domains, such as decision problems in online advertising. In his group predictive models based on user journey data and methods for SEA bid management have been developed. Together with partners from the industry these models are evaluated in practical applications. Burkhardt is also an active entrepreneur and has co-founded Adference and uniquedigital.

Auf früheren d3cons in folgenden Tracks vertreten:

  • 2019 WORKSHOPS: User journey analysis using recurrent neural networks
  • 2018 WORKSHOPS: On small trees and managing programmatic campaigns
  • 2017 WORKSHOPS: Cross-Device-Tracking - Noise or Signal?
  • 2016 WORKSHOPS: Data and User Journey Roundtable - Cross-channel interactions
  • 2015 WORKSHOPS: Data and User Journey Roundtable
  • 2013 STAGE II: Cross channel impact - the world is not a bath tub

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