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Speaker: Dr. Frank Eickmeier

Dr. Frank Eickmeier

Dr. Frank Eickmeier

Unverzagt von Have

Dr. Frank Eickmeier is a lawyer and partner at IT/IP-chancery Unverzagt von Have since 1997, focussing on online marketing law. He is also an accredited surveyor at the county data protection centre of Kiel (ULD). Frank Eickmeier and his team counsels several designated online companies, publishers, advertisers and marketers, but also media agencies, content producers and technology providers with questions regarding the online world. Early Frank Eickmeier started specialising in important data protection questions, which are relevant for business models of online marketing companies. 4 years ago, he founded ePrivacy with Prof. Christoph Bauer. He also is the author of the blog www.onlinemarketingrecht.de

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  • 2016 MAIN STAGE: Politics & privacy panel

  • 2013 STAGE II: Privacy panel: How can the industry get along with privacy threats now and in the future?

  • 2012 TRACK 2: Privacy for Mobile Apps and Mobile Advertising

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