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Speaker: Alexander Ruhland

Alexander Ruhland

Alexander Ruhland


Alexander is Business Development Executive in the global Automotive Team at IBM. Since 2012, he has been working with various car manufacturers and suppliers on digitalization projects related to networked vehicles and new mobility. Alexander began his career in 2009 with a dual study program at IBM. He graduated with a Master of Science in Management from the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management in 2015, where he focused his studies on business model innovation in the automobile industry. In 2017, Alexander and his colleagues established a strategic partnership with Volkswagen, and since then, they have been working together to develop digital mobility services and bringing them to the market. “We Commerce” is the first joint development within the new digital ecosystem, “Volkswagen WE”. This is an integrated service that proactively makes recommendations and offers to customers at the right time and in the right place. Using artificial intelligence from IBM Watson, personalized and context-related offers can be displayed based on available car, driver and environmental data. On the other side, We Commerce opens up a completely new channel of customer contact to its B2B partners. Alexander is responsible for the strategy and development of the partner ecosystem in the We Commerce project. Together with Dominic Gaspary from Volkswagen, he will be presenting the project and the new opportunities it presents at the d3con Innovation Track.

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